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Plyometric Finishing Drill

The plyometric finishing drill is a great way for players to work on speed, agility, and finishing all at once.

Set Up

First set up cones and plyometric sticks for players to jump over with several rows to accomodate the number of players on your team. Then after setting up the plyometric sticks, position a large goal 15 m away from the last sticks in each row as shown in the diagram. In the large goals have goal keepers and besides the large goals have servers with supplies of balls to pass to players once they make it through the plyometric sticks.

How It Works

Players perform different movements going over and around the plyometric sticks and then recieve a pass and shoot on goal to work on finishing.

Here are a few example movements players can do through the plyometric course:


  • Two foot jumps
  • Single foot hops
  • Side shuffle slalom
  • Grapevine
  • Two jumps forward, one backwards
  • Lateral jumps
  • Squat jumps

Key coaching points

Since players are relatively close to goal they should be focused on placing their shots accurately into the corners. Coaches can require players to finish with one or two touches if they wish.