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Croatian Finishing Progression

This Croatian finishing progression is a great way to work on attacking play in front of goal with forwards and midfielders.

Set Up

For this drill, first you need a large goal and goal keeper. About 25 m away from the goal place a couple of cones for lines of attackers. Have one player start towards the top of the penalty area as an attacker.

How It Works

First have the attackers work on checking away and coming back to recieve a ball, then quickly playing it back to another player. After playing it back the attacker can open up and recieve a pass back again before trying to finish on goal.

With this set up the drill can progress in several ways. The next natural progression is to turn the drill into a 2v1. In this variation the first player checks away once again, then comes back to receive a pass. This time as soon as they play it back the two lines of players attack against them in a 2v1 to goal.

From here it's easy to add players and do the same thing with 2v2, 3v2, etc.

For a final progression, send a few players out wide for the team to work on crossing. This time when the player at the top of the box returns the pass the ball is played out wide to a winger who dribbles down and crosses in.

Key coaching points

Coaches should emphasize to the player checking to mimic a gamelike situation where they are checking in and out with pace. This will help them to lose their marker in a match and create more space for scoring chances. With this simple set up there are tons of ways to progress the drill so be sure to use variations that are best suited for your team.