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Battle For The Advantage

Battle for the advantage is a great way to help players practice winning 50-50 balls as doing so gives their team an edge in this drill.

Set Up

Create a grid with three zones. In each of the outer two zones set up two goals placed towards the center facing outwards as pictured in the diagram. Separate players into two teams. Each team starts on one of the outer zones but sends one player into the middle and one player to the opposite outer zone to defend the other team.

As a coach you'll want to have a supply of balls at the ready. Also keep in mind that this game can be played with large goals or mini goals. However, if you opt for large goals, you'll want goal keepers to defend them.

How It Works

The coach starts the drill by playing a ball into the center zone where a player from each team battle to win the ball. The player who wins it can play a pass to their teammates who then try to score on goal.

Several variations of this drill could be played, the first of which being that the players in the middle have to stay in the middle once they pass the ball out. In another variation only the player who makes the pass can enter the zone where they pass to in order to aid in the attack. In the final variation, both players can enter the outer zone to help defend and attack. As a coach you can choose which variation is most appropriate for your team.

Key coaching points

This is a great drill to emphasize competitiveness as the players in the middle have to battle to win a 50-50 ball to get it to their teammates. Players on the outside can help by moving and creating good passing angles.

As a coach it can be good to rotate the players in the middle so that everyone gets the chance to experience different roles.