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Product news

Holiday Product Update: Introducing The Video Analytics Drawing Tool

December 20, 2021

360Player has continued to evolve with the latest release bringing a lot of exciting new functionality to the performance analysis tools inside the platform.

In our most recent update, we’ve taken your video analysis capabilities to a whole new level by introducing the drawing tool. Now in addition to saving clips and writing feedback, you can also draw animations with arrows, circles, spotlights, and more to illustrate exactly what’s happening from a tactical perspective. Checkout this video to see what the drawing tool looks like in action:


Introducing Event Series

In addition to the video tool, another area of the platform that has seen a lot of improvement is the calendar. The calendar in 360Player is one of the most used features by our users which is why we’ve placed a lot of focus on making sure the calendar stays on the cutting edge. In addition to adding time zone support and improved recurring events, the biggest calendar update comes with the introduction of event series. Now when creating events, you can add them to a series where events can be categorised and connected to one another! This makes it super easy to do fast edits and keep track of invitations for multiple events at once.

Taking attendance has also gotten easier! Now when inviting players and coaches to an event and they respond with whether or not they’ll attend, the attendance is saved automatically. This cuts down on the manual workload and the time it takes to track attendance. With that being said, coaches and staff can always go in and make adjustments accordingly. For instance, if a player says they will attend and they end up not attending, it’s easy to change their attendance status on the fly.

And we didn't just stop there! We also have our calendar more effective for large clubs with the ability to filter events from subgroups. Now club directors can filter the calendars of the teams in their organisation to show all events happening within the club in one unified calendar.  

360Player is continuously working hard to bring your team and club the best tools possible. We are so happy to all of the users who have joined us along this journey and we feel that this release in particular will be a very fun one for directors, coaches, and players alike. Stay tuned for many more exiting features coming soon in future releases!